AXA Advisors, LLC Securities Attorney

The investment attorneys of Gana LLP represent investors in their claims concerning their brokerage firms, such as AXA Advisors, LLC (AXA Advisors). Our attorneys focus on investigating claims of financial misconduct including investment fraud, inappropriate investment strategies, misleading information, and failure to supervise.

AXA Advisors is affiliated with, under common control, or otherwise performs business under the company names AXA Financial, Inc., AXA Equitable Life Insurance, AXA Network, MONY, EQ Financial Consultants, Inc., Equico Securities, Inc., Paramount Planning Group, AXA Distributors, LLC, and AXA Partners.

AXA S.A. is a French global investment, retirement, and insurance company. AXA is a conglomerate of independently run organizations that operate under the regulations of their host countries. AXA encompasses five main operating business segments Life & Savings, Property & Casualty, International Insurance, Asset Management, and Other Financial Services.

AXA Advisors – By the Numbers:

  • CRD# 6627
  • SEC# 8-17883
  • 20 Regulatory Events
  • 10 Customer Complaints
  • Representatives: 5,242

AXA Advisors – In the News:

FINRA v. AXA Advisors, LLC (Sept. 5, 2007) – The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) fined AXA Advisors, LLC, $1.2 million concerning allegations that the firm failed to adequately supervise its fee-based brokerage business and distributed misleading sales information for its fee-based brokerage account program, CapAdvantage. FINRA also ordered AXA Advisors to return $1.4 million in fees to approximately 1,800 customers who were allegedly placed improperly in fee-based brokerage accounts. The firm also voluntarily refunded customers an additional $1.2 million.

In the Matter of AXA Advisors, LLC, Respondent (AWC 2009020149901, March 13, 2012). – FINRA alleged that AXA Advisors failed to properly supervise a representative FINRA alleged that AXA was aware that the representative was experiencing financial difficulties and ignored other red flags that indicated that the representative ran a Ponzi scheme.

In the Matter of AXA Advisors, LLC, Respondent (AWC 200917466202, March 30, 2012) – FINRA fined AXA Advisors $50,000 for allegations concerning its failure to supervise a broker who misappropriated $122,000 from the money market account of a customer. According to FINRA, redemption requests were made without the customer's authorization or knowledge and were all processed and reviewed for suitability through AXA's electronic suitability review system.

The investment attorneys of Gana LLP litigated hundreds of securities disputes against investment firms that have taken advantage of their clients. Our attorneys can help you detect and uncover suspicious activity in your accounts. Our consultations are free and we welcome all inquiries.