Practice Areas

Securities Arbitration, Litigation & Mediation

Our practice focuses on misconduct by brokers, brokerage firms, and investment advisers. Our securities lawyers represent individuals and institutional investors who were injured by fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, churning, unsuitable investments, and other financial wrongdoing. Learn More →

Appellate Practice

Facing an appeal or needing to overturn a negative order can be a daunting task. The attorneys at Gana LLP are proficient at drafting and arguing appeals nationally. We can evaluate the claim and provide insight on the merits of the appeal. Learn More →

Business & Commercial Litigation

We represent clients in a wide range of cases, from traditional breach of contract cases to unique business torts. If a business dispute has threatened your goals, the attorneys at Gana LLP can help you achieve your desired results. Learn More →

Class Actions

Class actions can be an effective means of vindicating the rights of groups of people who have similar injuries. The attorneys at Gana LLP can help determine if a class action would be the most effective avenue to achieve our clients’ goals. Learn More →

Labor & Employment

Our lawyers handle a variety of claims involving labor and employment disputes. We represent parties in wage disputes, wrongful termination and discrimination, and breach of employment agreements. Learn More →

Real Estate Litigation

The attorneys at Gana LLP handle real estate litigation in Federal and State Courts, and in arbitration on behalf of cooperatives and condominium associations, developers, sponsors, tenant associations and individual parties. Our real estate practice covers all aspects litigation from the initial consultation through trial. Learn More →