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Sometimes in a person's life, we come across a person that we have never met, yet have talked only on the phone, that gives you a secure feeling of trust in dealing with legal matters than are above and beyond personal comprehension. Adam Gana is that kind of a person. I can only say thank you Adam, for guiding us through the maze to realize that not all is lost.

Thank you Adam.

PS The money will go quickly for Ron's care.

- Peggy & Ronald Hardin

Hi Adam!

Thank you for all that you did for us! You have restored my faith that there are good people in the world! You are one of them. Appreciate the extra mile that you went for all of us.

All the best to you and your family!

- Janet A.

Dear Adam and Adam,

I had never needed the use of a lawyer until I contacted the two of you in my Centaurus case, and all I knew of lawyers before that was what I had gleaned from lawyer jokes and negative stories about lawyers. You can not imagine how different you turned out to be from what I imagined!

I found both of you to be incredibly kind, clear, helpful, to the point, and pleasant to talk to. You looked out for me, and how I appreciated that! Better yet, you won my case, and of course that was the ultimate goal. I'm pleasantly surprised that you were so delightful and easy to deal with during the various phases of our case.

I am sure my not being able to use the most up-to-date electronic devices when we had our conference calls was something you seldom had to deal with, but you are helpful and agreeable none-the-less. You worked out a way to compensate for my inability to communicate in the typical fashion, and I thank you for that.

All in all, you made a disagreeable situation as easy and pleasant as possible while giving me a positive outcome. Thank you for your experience and expertise. I would recommend you to anyone with no reservations.

Sincerely yours,

- Mary C.

Again, I thank you for all of your help, and in restoring my retirement funds to where they should have always been. As you know, I live on a disability income - my retirement funds will be crucial to me once I reach retirement age. I live a humble life and every dollar counts. You saved me!! I can't tell you how much of a burden you have taken off of my shoulders!

With Greatest Respect and Gratitude,

- John K.

Adam, there are no words to really express my appreciation for you and your teams heroic and often exhausting efforts to represent me in this case. I trusted you from the start and knew you had my best interests as a priority. Thank you for the time you took away from your family many times to talk with me about strategy and issues. I will always recommend you and your team as the first call- and last stop when dealing with complicated issues. Thank you -thank you.

- Mary K.

I had the opportunity to work with Adam Gana, of Gana Weinstein LLP. I very much appreciated and respected Mr. Gana's professional approach while working to recover an investment that had totally lost its value. Mr. Gana kept me apprised throughout the process and worked to recover a reasonable settlement on my behalf. It was because of Mr. Gana's efforts that I was able to receive a portion of the worthless investment. In short, I was very pleased with Mr. Gana's approach, professionalism and most importantly, his results. I would recommend Mr. Gana and his firm.

- D. Halstead

My wife an I have been fortunate in life not to be in professional need of many lawyers. Those that we have used, I would give mixed reviews to.
In this case, Adam Weinstein and Adam Gana could not possibly have done a better job. They were immediately responsive to our phone calls and emails. They explained any issues we did not understand in layman's terms. They knew exactly what they were doing and executed their strategy with commitment, efficiency and complete transparency. Their collection and analysis of immense amounts of detail was impressive and necessary.
Best of all, they were successful in winning the case with a better outcome than I or any of my fellow plaintiff's expected. Just hire them.

- Paul P.

With all the negativity today's society has directed towards the legal profession (myself included), I am compelled to offer up a robust approval and appreciation for the firm of Gana/Weinstein.
In addition to my recently receiving a very substantial award from a FINRA judgement through the efforts of the firm...I was totally impressed by their professionalism, their diligence, their intelligence and their humanity.
Going through the complex legal system is a daunting journey for individuals. The "two Adams" (Gana & Weinstein) made the process as efficient and effective as possible. While I believe our case was totally justified, I also believe that our eventual success was in a very large part attributed to the fact that our legal team far outperformed our opponents'.
Gana/Weinstein have managed to give the legal process (that I personally experienced) a good name.
I would, without any hesitation, recommend Gana/Weinstein to friends and family.

- Robert S.

Professionalism and Diligence

Thank you Adam and all your colleagues for the professionalism and diligence in the final settlement of our securities fraud case. When a past law firm group turned our case down, you and your firm took on the case and we thank you for the great outcome. We would highly recommend your firm.

- Ronald T.


I wish to thank you and your associates for all your help and expertise resolving our investment fraud case. We wish you great success in your law practice and would recommend you to anyone in need.

- Ed and Gloria K.

Thank you so much!

I will never forget how much you helped me by winning my case! I never thought I would see any money from my investment. I admire the way you fight for everyday people against big companies. Thank you so much!

- Myra W.

Trustworthy and an expert in his field

I assisted my parents in hiring Mr. Gana for a securities case in which my father was taken advantage of. Given the nature of the case, we were very cautious before hiring an attorney. We found Adam to be extremely honest and upfront from the first phone call until the last. He was very patient and respectful when dealing with my aging parents. He kept us informed every step of the way and timelines, costs, etc. played out exactly as he said they would. Most impressive was Mr. Gana's knowledge, expertise and tenacity. He is a first class professional whom I would both recommend and hire again.

- Ira P.


Gana Weinstein LLP did a fantastic job assisting me in a litigation. Adam was very attentive and prepared for the legal issue. I am confident in Gana Weinstein LLP and would suggest them to anyone.

- James C.

Nice Job!

Mr. Gana did a very nice job in my financial arbitration case. He was very professional, tough on opposition and thorough. He landed me a nice settlement, in fact I believe he "got blood out of a turnip".

- Russell L.

Tactful, thorough and thoughtful

Adam Gana carefully reviewed all documents and offered helpful and tactful advice. Adam was incredibly responsive and very thorough. I feel confident signing anything that Gana Weinstein LLP has reviewed on my behalf.

- Allison C.

Financial investment

Well, some others would not even take the case on a contingent basis. Adam did and, thankfully, he prevailed.
I lost a substantial sum due to the mischaracterization of an investment. Adam was successful with two suits filed against the organization resulting in settlements. Adam could have dropped it at that but he pursued an additional suit when the company where he had previously worked was no longer interested in the case . It took a while but his persistence paid off for yet another settlement from the same organization.
Adam might have retrieved all of my investment had I agreed to arbitration. But I could not chance the exposure.
In short, three awards from the same failed investment. Thanks to Adams persistence and ingenuity.

- Tom R.

An attorney who cares

If you want an attorney that is easy to talk to and genuinely cares about your legal situation, contact Adam Gana. He helped me settle a difficult contract dispute with my former employer recently. Thanks to Adam's help, I was able to get out of my personal services contract 13 months early and without a financial penalty. When you work with Adam, he makes you feel as if you are his top priority. He will call you regularly to stay on top of the situation and submits all necessary legal documentation in a timely manner. His writing is excellent, his demeanor professional, and his work exceptional.

- NN

Adam Julien Gana Esquire

Mr. Gana provided excellent service in my securities investment recovery case. He was very knowledgeable and provided a better than expected resolution to the case in a quick time frame.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing the services of an attorney.

- James V.

Top Notch Litigator-honest, open and out to win

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Adam Gana on a multi-million dollar suit involving one of the largest US financial institutions. The case involved complex contract and credit terms surrounding our factoring agreements and Adam quickly and competently obtained a firm grasp on the key issues.

He was extremely professional, appropriately aggressive and a joy to work with. I’d confidently refer Gana Weinstein LLP for commercial litigation.

- Jason L.

Knowledgable, Solution Focused

Adam Gana is a great lawyer and Gana Weinstein LLP a great law firm. I had Adam & Gana represent me in a complex commercial litigation in New York against a former partner. The attorneys were knowledgeable, attentive, energetic, and expertly navigated through a very difficult legal issue. I strongly endorse Gana Weinstein LLP in the areas of securities arbitration and commercial litigation – their two primary areas of practice.

- Sean M.

Excellent work

I retained Gana Weinstein LLP for a messy litigation with a business creditor I was involved in. The attorneys I worked with understood my issues completely, were attentive, and really helped me resolve the issues quickly. I would recommend the attorneys at Gana Weinstein LLP to anyone looking for a lawyer.

- Anthony A.

Gana Weinstein LLP has the best attorneys period. They work hard, they work fast and I would recommend them to anyone. They are like family.

- Liz N.

Adam is a superior litigator who competently balances his legal skill set with a pragmatic focus on the end goal. I recommend him and his firm highly.

- Bill R.

Gana Weinstein LLP recently worked several cases on my behalf and approximately 33 other individuals that were caught up in a Ponzi scheme. He and his staff worked these cases very diligently and professionally achieving suitable financial recovery for all individuals involved. Adam Gana is extremely knowledgeable, fair and aggressive in ultimately achieving the best end results for all concerned. I would highly recommend Gana Weinstein LLP for business/ commercial ligation, and securities arbitration including complex issues. In addition Gana Weinstein LLP has a strong background and extensive experience with most aspects of mediation efforts.

- Ronald Turner

Thank you very much for helping me resolve this case!!! This old man is very grateful. You've given me a lot of help. I'm very thankful. GOD BLESS YOU. THANK YOU. TAKE CARE.

- Louis M.

Thank you for all your work!!! I am so grateful that this case made its way to your office and I was able to be part of it. The recapture of my loss makes a big difference in my financial health. Thank you and your team!

- Kristy C.