Investment Product Due Diligence

Brokerage firms are responsible for conducting due diligence on all securities recommended by the firm or the broker. The due diligence rule is heightened where the investment recommendation is a private placement offering or other type of non-public offering where the brokerage firm is acting as the underwriter or distributor of the securities.

The due diligence rule stems from FINRA Rule 2310 that states that a brokerage firm must have reasonable grounds to believe that a recommendation to purchase, sell, or exchange a security is suitable for the customer. In the context of a Regulation D offering, Notice to Members 10-22: Regulation D Offerings states that a critical part of determining suitability is the obligation to conduct a reasonable investigation of the issuer and the securities they recommend in the private placement offerings. That is, brokerage firms are required to exercise a high degree of care in investigating and independently verifying an issuer’s representations and claims.

FINRA has stated that a brokerage firm has a “special relationship” with a customer from the fact that in recommending the security, the brokerage firm represents to the customer that a reasonable investigation has been made. FINRA has defined the following parameters as the bare minimum a brokerage firm must document in conducting a reasonable investigation for a Regulation D offering and any subsequent offering for the same issuer:

  • the issuer and its management;
  • the business prospects of the issuer;
  • the assets held by or to be acquired by the issuer;
  • the claims being made;
  • the intended use of proceeds of the offering;
  • whether the investor’s money is likely to be applied according to the stated use of proceeds; and
  • whether the stated use of proceeds is reasonable in light of the issuer’s business purpose and prospects

The failure of the brokerage firm or broker to investigate and conduct proper due diligence on the claims of the issuer may constitute a failure to supervise the securities offering. It takes an experienced attorney to investigate and uncover a brokerage firm’s failure to conduct proper due diligence. Our attorneys have that experience. If you believe you have been a victim of securities misconduct, contact the lawyers at Gana LLP.