Securities Fraud

Securities fraud (a/k/a investment fraud) stems from a variety of deceptive practice in the stock or commodities markets. Securities fraud stems from intentionally false information or the omission of material information that induces an investor to make purchase or sales decisions. Securities fraud violates state and federal securities laws.

Securities fraud is a broad category that includes theft or embezzlement from investors, manipulation of stock, misstatements of a public company’s financial reporting, providing misleading or inaccurate information about the underlying securities in mutual funds and bond funds, and misstatements to corporate auditors. Securities fraud can also encompass a wide range of other illegal activity, including violations of the federal securities act of 1933, violations of section 10(b) of the securities act of 1934, state blue sky laws, insider trading, front running of trades, and other illicit activity on trading floors of stock and commodities exchanges.

The securities attorneys at Gana LLP have a wide ranging securities fraud practice. We have represented hundreds of investors in securities related litigation. On behalf of our clients we successfully brought claims against some of the largest broker-dealers and registered investment advisers in the country.

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